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History Of Lifepoint Church

Lifepoint’s beginning as College Community Church

Lifepoint Church was launched on September 8, 2012 under its original name, College Community Church. It was impressed upon the hearts of our campus pastor/launch team to plant a church in the SDSU/La Mesa area of San Diego with a focus on Young Adults and Families. We were involved in sharing space with another local church while meeting on both Saturday and eventually Sunday Evenings. This worked well for a season. God continued to bless us with increased growth and opportunities.

One of those opportunities came in the way of an already existing partnership with Maryland Avenue Elementary School. The plans began to relocate to the school for our weekend worship experiences and a shift to Sunday morning services. We moved to Maryland Avenue on Palm Sunday of 2015, where we have been an effective part of the surrounding community.

We became Lifepoint Church in late Summer of 2015. While maintaining a mission focus on the young unreached students of the area, we believe it is also important that our church identity reflect the broader multi-generational family we have become.

On January 21, 2018 the congregation of Lifepoint Church voted to become a “General Council” church under the governance structure of the Assemblies of God. This step allows Lifepoint to operate in a more self-governing manner, including establishment of its own board of directors. This move marks an important milestone in the maturing process of the church. Adults who consider Lifepoint Church to be their home church are encouraged to complete and submit a Shareholder application. This will allow the individual to vote in the business matters of the church.

With a strong belief that 2018 would see Lifepoint Church move into a new location, on June 3, 2018 Lifepoint had its first service in a newly-leased facility in the Village of La Mesa. By leasing a church facility, we are able to offer expanded programs and enjoy a higher level of presence in the community.

On June 4, 2023, Lifepoint Church returned to the facility on Lake Murray Blvd. where it originally launched, having been blessed with the opportunity to merge with Lake Murray Church and establish a more permanent home for Lifepoint.

We continue to wait and see as God will write the History and the future of Lifepoint Church.

Our Mission & Values

Purpose/MissionTo create a culture for un-churched Families & Young Adults to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

EmbraceEmbrace our community wherever life finds them. The Greatest Commandment - Love God, Love Others

AdoptAdopt our community through partnerships and relationships while encouraging people toward acts of service. We adopt because we’ve been adopted.

EquipEquip those committed toward a deeper and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. “Go & Grow”